Flower Thread (BF)

base thread: product manufactured for House of Textile Arts dyed by BIZ material: Cotton 100% cotton recommended needles when using a thread : embroidery needle 1 or 3, ballpoint embroidery needle 3 packaging: Snap spool on Paper Pin Length : 40m Care instructions Color chart
  • two-thread
  • not divisible
  • not mercerized
  • not turned very much
  • consists of relatively short fibers
  • not very tear-resistant

It takes its name from the Danish artist Gerda Bengtson. Originally a painter of naturalistic plant motifs, she wanted people to start Stitching again and created cross-stitch patterns for flower and herb pictures. For these works, she had a cotton yarn made that was dyed with vegetable dyes. Still known today as Flower Thread, it is now dyed almost exclusively with chemical dyes.

Due to its matt surface, it creates a very nice contrast when used in a surface with, for example, high-gloss Soie Ovale, Soie de Paris or Viscose Press.

Popular stitches and techniques for Flower Thread


  • Assisi
  • Colbert Embroidery
  • CrossStitch
  • Hardanger
  • Drawn Thread
  • all satin stitch variants with several threads, guided by a laying aid
  • all other stitches…

Surface Embroidery

  • Appliqué
  • Satin Stitch
  • Schwalm Embroidery
  • Stumpwork
  • Whitework

Other textile techniques

  • Braided ribbons
  • Crochet
  • cords
  • Kumihimo
  • Patchwork


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