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Hand embroidery is what we love!

House of Textile Arts

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About us Bärbel Ingeborg Zimber

At the heart of our small family business, the House of Textile Arts, not only color flows into threads, but above all love and dedication for our customers. The roots of this creative venture go back to 1995, when BIZ formed the idea for this unique company and has been a living source of inspiration for threads, colors and Classes ever since.

BIZ is the core, the driving force behind every creative strand and the one that has made this company what it is today. Her passion for textile art is reflected not only in the bright threads and colors, but also in the personal touch that is inherent in every product and every Class.

But what would the House of Textile Arts be without Thomas, who has not only been the most important part of BIZ’s life since 2013, but also forms the other half of this creative duo? Thomas has thrown himself into the world of colorful threads and artistic packaging as if it had always been the most natural thing in the world for him. Although he has never dealt with such vibrant threads and the like before, he wraps, packages and ships with an ease that shows that true passion and dedication need no prior knowledge.

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Every parcel that leaves our small team is not just a product, but a small creation from the House of Textile Arts. Every customer who walks through our door or visits our website becomes part of this loving community, where not only fibers but also joy and creativity are interwoven.

Thanks to all of you, our small company has become a place where the joy of textile art can be felt in every fiber. We are delighted to be able to write new colorful chapters in the history of the House of Textile Arts together with you! 

House of Textile Arts
Home for hand-dyed textile materials
and not at all old-fashioned hand embroidery

Have you caught fire and still want to try out more and learn the craft from scratch? Then you are in good hands here! In a completely individual program of courses (local and distance learning), we offer everything your inquisitive hands have always been looking for, from introductory courses to certificate courses and the master class. Benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm of one of the best embroidery teachers of our time.

If you are not yet familiar with our wide range of materials or would simply like to see them again: visit our online store. You can find information about the materials on our knowledge pages. Short-term appointments to visit the workshop and browse through the bulging Painters Threads drawers are – almost – always possible.

We all shape the future ourselves

It is important for us to counteract the hectic pace of everyday life and people’s many fears and worries. Bringing our souls back into peace. Away from “what use is this today” to “it’s just fun to work with my hands”. Working with textile materials means getting in touch with our roots and meeting our innermost self. Some paint or make pottery – we embroider and lace and weave and spin!

We stand for the preservation of the craft of embroidery in all its splendor and diversity! With us, there is -almost- nothing that does not exist. We want everyone who comes to us to take something home with them: the knowledge of what they can create with needle and thread and textile materials. And that all those who have the courage to trust us and their own creativity can master this wonderful craft with a little practice.


Service is very important to us, even if we are not always easy to reach by phone. There is hardly a question from the field of Stitching and everything else that belongs to textile design that we have to pass on. Of course, we also know quite a lot about our hand-dyed textile materials… If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we will pass you on to the appropriate experts. Your orders are processed as quickly as possible and queries are almost always answered immediately. And even if something is “out of line”, we are always a patient point of contact. 

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