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General information
on Tentakulum Painters Threads colors

Welcome to the Tentakulum Painters Threads colors created through a unique dyeing technique developed exclusively by House of Textile Arts. The color baths of our Tentakulum Painters Threads are known for their frequent and surprising variations.

Each thread and each fabric is dyed individually, creating a unique image with each dyeing. The embroidered areas show a wonderfully subtle and continuous melange of Painters colors, without repeating patterns. This makes every project absolutely unique! The 40 unique colors harmonize perfectly with each other.

Please note that the image may differ considerably from the delivered product due to our special dyeing technique and different screen outputs. The color chart serves only as a general guide to the basic colors contained in each color.

You can find more insights into the fascinating process of hand dyeing in Painters Secrets. For a detailed overview of our colors, you can download the color charts here.

Painters Glory

For more information on the life and work of the artists,
that inspired us to create our color compositions,
please click on the name.

Below you will find the color number of the Tentakulum Painters threads.

Please note: the colors shown are snapshots! (see above)

Tentakulum Painters Threads Farben

101 Macke

Painters Glory 102 Jpg

102 Kandinsky

Painters Glory 103 Jpg

103 Clover

Painters Glory 104 Jpg

104 ClaudeM

Painters Glory 105 Jpg

105 Gauguin

Painters Glory 106 Jpg

106 Klimt

Painters Glory 107 Jpg

107 VanGogh

Painters Glory 108 Jpg

108 Rousseau

Painters Glory 109 Jpg

109 Picasso

Painters Glory 110 Jpg

110 Chagall

Painters Glory 111 Jpg

111 Frida

Painters Glory 112 Jpg

112 Georgia

Painters Glory 113 Jpg

113 Hopper

Painters Glory 114 Jpg

114 Lawrence

Painters Glory 115 Jpg

115 GrandmaMoses

Painters Glory 116 Jpg

116 Renoir

Painters Glory 118 Jpg

118 MaryC

Painters Glory 119 Jpg

119 Gabriele

Painters Glory 120 Jpg

120 Boucher

Painters Glory 121 Jpg

121 Cezanne

Painters Glory 122 Jpg

122 Marianne

Painters Glory 123 Jpg

123 Wilhelmina

Painters Glory 124 Jpg

124 Turner

Painters Glory 125 Jpg

125 Matisse

Painters Glory 126 Jpg

126 Kirchner

Painters Glory 127 Jpg

127 Waterhouse

Painters Glory 128 Jpg

128 Marc

Painters Glory 129 Jpg

129 Frederick

Painters Glory 130 Jpg

130 IngeMeta

Painters Glory 130 Vorlage Jpg

This is the original picture that inspired me to create the color “IngeMeta”.

You’re probably wondering, but who is Inge Meta…? (color 130 – no link)? Well, I would like to tell you the moving story behind it, because it has so much to do with my life.

Inge Meta is not a “well-known” artist, but a “life artist” – a person who has managed to live her life under difficult circumstances and give something positive to many other people in the process. Inge Meta is my mother, who overcame the premature and very sudden death of my father by painting watercolors.

Becoming a widow at 60 may not sound unusual, but it left her with two children still living at home and a son who was still studying. My sister and I could only accompany her from afar, as we were both tied to a particular location for work. To make matters worse, after many illnesses and hardships, my parents finally wanted and were able to treat themselves to something in life. Yes, life is sometimes difficult to understand!

So she began to paint, initially only with very dark colors such as black and dark red. But soon her spirit returned and the pictures became brighter and brighter and full of life. Each of her five children was allowed to choose a picture. I immediately chose one that reminded me of a door leading into a bright world full of color.

From the very first moment I wanted to capture these colors for a new creation in our line. Because there were so many colors in the painting, including some that the textbook says shouldn’t be mixed, it took me two years to develop the final result to my satisfaction.

In 2015, my mother turned 85 and I presented her with “her color” and a certificate. So that her courage and joie de vivre from this color jumps over to many who process it in a project. And it works, Inge Meta is one of our best-selling colors… even though it is also the most “unreliable” color, because I never know how the eight colors will mix together… just like in real life…

Sadly, Inge Meta suddenly passed into the other world in September 2019. It is not only because of this color that many of us will always have vivid and colorful memories of her.

Painters Glory 130 Zertifikat Jpg

To ensure that everything was correct, we also issued Inge Meta with a certificate, which she proudly displayed for all to see.

Painters Pastels

In 2015, in response to numerous customer requests, we began developing soft pastel shades to complement our vibrant Painters Glory colors. The idea was to offer a reduced color palette, but with our dyeing technique it’s not quite so simple. We wanted our pastel colors to stand out from the usual pastel-colored threads of other hand dyers.

We are satisfied with the result, and judging by the popularity of pastel shades, so are our customers. Of course we begrudge every other manufacturer and hand dyer many successes, but for those who want to work with our Glorys and Pastels, nothing else seems necessary.

The pastel shades bear the names of regions, cities, plants and animals – depending on what came to mind.

Painters Pastels P001 Jpg

P001 Iceland

Painters Pastels P002 Jpg

P002 Aruba

Painters Pastels P003 Jpg

P003 Riesling

Painters Pastels P004 Jpg

P004 Pomelo

Painters Pastels P005 Jpg

P005 Suricata

Painters Pastels P006 Jpg

P006 Peony

Painters Pastels P007 Jpg

P007 Agave

Painters Pastels P008 Jpg

P008 Koala

Painters Pastels P009 Jpg

P009 Longan

Painters Pastels P010 Jpg

P010 Syringa

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