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Über BIZ

About BIZ

BIZ was enthusiastic about textile techniques from a young age, thanks to the support of an artistic home and a fantastic needlework teacher. She originally dreamed of becoming an embroiderer after leaving school, but was unable to find an apprenticeship. In hindsight, she is actually glad of this today, as she would certainly not have been prepared to deal with all the frustration and disappointments of such a profession when she was 18.

After graduating from high school, she flew to Canada as an au pair and then immersed herself in the world of hotel reception. During an internship at the children’s home, she contributed her textile skills. The social work degree, which didn’t really appeal to her, was replaced by jobs in various service sectors. She gradually learned everything she needs for her self-employed work today.

In her late 20s, she moved to Hamburg, where she quickly trained as a logistics specialist – a wise decision, as it turned out later. In air freight and other areas of the airline industry, she enjoyed life in the big, wide world.

During this time, she was finally convinced that England was also worth a visit! There she discovered the Royal School of Needlework and did everything she could to train there. As a non-English woman, a proper 3-year apprenticeship was not possible, but the certificated classes were open to everyone. So she scraped together all the money she could, overcame her fear of flying and flew to London every week for a year to attend Class.

Unfortunately, the first Gulf crisis, which severely affected Frankfurt Airport, started before this wonderful time for BIS. She gradually lost her job four times – last in, first out! Additionally affected by a pain disorder and CPTSD it was not easy to find a job again in her early 40s. When the time came again after her training in London, she said to herself: “Okay, I’m going to be really brave and do something that’s not really possible.” That was the best decision of her life.

BIZ has been running her own company with heart and passion since 1995 and lives her creative streak to the full.


Since then, life has by no means been smoother, but with a wealth of joy and the awareness that she is guarding something extraordinarily valuable: the art of hand embroidery! Since starting her own business in 1995, BIZ has therefore decided to use both of her first names: Bärbel, the stranger, and Ingeborg, the keeper. It almost seems as if her parents had always suspected what an impressive personality their second eldest daughter would one day develop.

Finally, we would like to take a look at the artistic journey of BIZ, a master of yarn dyeing and hand embroidery. After many years in this fascinating profession, she remains just as passionate and committed today as she was at the beginning of her journey.

Art as the elixir of life

For BIZ, her art is not only a vocation, but also an elixir of life. Dyeing threads and teaching hand embroidery are not just actions for her, but expressions of her soul. This deep-rooted passion is reflected in each of her works and inspires those who are lucky enough to learn from her.

A life of color and creativity

In the world of BIZ, every day is a new canvas on which colors and threads become beautiful stories. Her ability not only to create art but also to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm makes her a true pioneer in her industry.

Staying young through art

Despite the years that have passed, BIZ is still firmly rooted in her art. Dyeing and teaching are not only their professions, but also the sources of her youth. It shows us that the true source of youth does not lie in ageing, but in enthusiasm for what we love.

In BIZ we find an artist, mentor and source of inspiration. May her journey in the world of threads and embroidery write many more colorful chapters. Join her on this ongoing journey of creativity and be enchanted by the magic that happens when an artist puts her heart and soul into her work.

Thank you for being part of this unique journey.

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