Silk ribbon 13mm (SR13)

Painters Base yarn : Au Ver A Soie® Ruban de Soie 7mm
dyed by BIZ
material: Silk 100% silk
Recommended needles: Tapestry needle 16, chenille needle 16, wool darning needle 16
recommended working length : 25cm
Packing: snap spool on paper pin
Length: 3m
Care instructions
Color chart

  • Filament silk
  • woven
    • = real selvedge
    • do not fray so quickly during processing
  • more expensive than
    • cut ribbons (knitting material)
    • “Spare” straps made from polyester
      • are difficult to pull through fabrics
      • do not form softly falling shapes
  • Ribbons are processed very “sparingly”
    • Flat starting node
    • End thread is only sewn over approx. 1 cm
    • are never stretched over long distances
  • Maximum section length 25cm
  • Rules for the choice of needles
    • must be easy to thread
    • There must still be room in the eye of the needle
  • Needle is twisted through the fabric, not pulled
    • as soon as the eye comes out of the fabric
      • Hold the eyelet and ribbon together
      • Turn carefully and pull at the same time
  • Always keep the thread stretched as vertically as possible under/over the fabric.
  • Ribbon embroidery should be worked in an embroidery hoop for a good result

Popular stitches and techniques for
13mm silk ribbon


  • experimental textile works
  • Needlepoint

Surface Embroidery

  • Ribbon Embroidery
  • experimental textile works
  • Knot stitches
  • Surface Work
  • Satin stitch embroidery
  • ZigZagging
  • Stumpwork
  • Trellis

Other textile techniques

  • experimental textile works
  • Braided ribbons
  • Tassels
  • Weaving

A few more examples

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